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    055 – What's really been going on?

    Welcome back MegaMaker fans! There's been a lot going on. There's been some big changes in Justin's life. Listen to hear how he's making course corrections.

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    052 - Help! The robots are coming

    What does the future of work and entrepreneurship look like?

    Here is what you need to know to run a business in a world filled with artificial intelligence, robots, and automation.

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    049 – Build things without code

    Justin talks about the fundamental truth to building products AND shares some "old person" computer nostalgia.

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    048 - Sell more beer

    I've been thinking a lot about how important it is for potential customers to "see your product used in public."

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    046 - Three tips for aspiring solopreneurs

    Looking to make an independent living from the things you make? Is passive income a myth?

    In this episode I share three lessons I've learned from my first year of going solo.

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    045 - What are you plans, maaaaaan?

    We're two months into 2017. What are your plans?

    Justin shares his goals for this year (revenue, and what he's going to change)

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    043 - How do you get out of a creative rut?

    What do you do when you lose your motivation? When you haven't created anything in weeks? When you no longer like the project you're working on?

    Justin's had a hard couple of weeks. How can he get back on track?

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    042 - The struggle is real

    People want to make progress in their lives.

    Every single one of us wants a better life. We’re all striving for more.

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    041 - Addicted to progress

    Everyone dreams of a better life. But how do you achieve it?

    Justin gives some context to the idea of "living the dream."

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    040 - Four years lost & wasted

    Justin sneaks out of the house on a cold, dark autumn night and records an episode.

    Topic: why you should learn from practitioners, not professors.

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    038 - What motivates people to buy?

    Learn how to make things that people actually want. Justin is joined by author Alan Klement to talk about the "Jobs to be Done" framework .

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    034 - Should you start a SaaS company in 2016?

    Startups like Slack, Basecamp, and Freshbooks make millions of dollars in monthly recurring revenue by using a model called Software as a Service (SaaS).

    Should you get into the business?

    This episode isn't just for programmers and startup people! Lots of lessons for makers of all sorts.

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    E033 - Where were you?

    Real life keeps going, even when you're launching something new.

    Listen to the podcast for people who make stuff on the internet and earn their income from the things they create.

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    E032 - Last chance!

    How do you get people to know you exist? Be unexpected.

    Justin talks about his new book ( and talks with Mikael Cho from Crew in Montreal. They're the awesome makers behind

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    E030 - Like a kid in a candy store

    "The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change."

    Justin opens up about how his MegaMaker project is going, and what the future holds.

    (First episode of Season 3)

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    E029 - In Real Life

    What happens when you meet people from the internet IRL?

    Also: last episode of Season 2!

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    E028 - Stay hungry

    Do you know about the Desperation Scale™?

    Listeners asked me to be more honest about the struggle. So here it is!

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    E025 - Pull up your bootstraps, Sir

    What do you do when you feel tired, haggard, and unmotivated?

    I'll be honest. I really didn't want to do a show today. Then I figured out two ways to get motivated.

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    E024 - Do things, tell people

    You can't just make things; you have to show your work!

    Also: how to structure a creative partnership.

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    E023 - Chase the dream

    We have two desires: to create work that connects with people, and to make a living.

    What happens when things get in the way of that dream?

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    E022 - Anxiety society

    Listeners chime in on how to reduce maker anxiety, PLUS Justin talks to some real human beings about his current project.

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    E020 - Maker mob

    Have you heard of a flash mob? It's when a large group of people suddenly show up at the same place, at the same time to perform a specific action.

    What if we did that, but for new makers? A bunch of us agree to show up, and help a maker with their launch.

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    E018 - Learning from the rock gods

    Iron Maiden teaches us about creative success.

    And... Marty and Justin announce their second software project.

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    E017 - Perfection Pickle

    Marty and Justin try to get their first paying customer for their SMS app.

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    Extroverted jackass

    Burdened by anxiety and self-doubt? Does self-promotion make you cringe?

    Let's talk about those issues, and how they affect creative people.

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    Uncomfortable with hobbits

    We're making the world's first open source band!

    At the same time, we're talking about the importances of "discomfort" in the creative life.

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    Launch when you're scared

    Bringing anything you've created into the world is scary.

    Justin takes you through his checklist for launching a product confidently.

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    The guts to be original

    We want to make stuff. We want to live a creative life while still making a living.

    What's the best path to achieve that dream?

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    Let's get weird

    Justin texts 150 strangers, and reveals how they replied.

    Perfectionism can be restrictive. It can hold us back from experimenting, or putting out more work.

    Makers need to get weird.

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    I walk the line

    Creative work, by it's very nature is divisive. Our work can't be for everybody, but still has to appeal to some people.

    In this episode we explore this tension of being authentic without being alienating. This is also the last episode in our "self-publishing a book" series.

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    Hard work; no guarantees

    Will everyone achieve their creative dreams, no matter what?

    This week's maker mission is to self-publish a book. But today's listener questions brought up broader issues, faced by all creatives.

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    Automated t-shirt deployment

    In this episode, we launch our own custom t-shirt brand.

    Learn how to create your own t-shirt store, without spending thousands of dollars.

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    What makes a great shirt?

    Millions of shirts are made every year; but how can we make t-shirts that people actually want to wear?

    Learn how to make your own t-shirts, and watch Justin as he launches his own t-shirt brand.

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    Put a little maple syrup in it

    A burrito descends on a small town in British Columbia, Canada. There was maple syrup involved.

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    The world is creative

    Justin reveals that the MegaMaker burrito is being added to the menu at a local restaurant.

    How is a cooking noob going to make something that people will order for a Friday lunch? Go behind the scenes and hear how a restaurant creates a new menu item.

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    Justin kicks off the weekly maker challenge. What's he's going to try to make in 7 days?

    If this podcast was Star Wars, the first two episodes would be "A New Hope" and this episode would be "Empire."

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    What's really driving me?

    "Fighting an obstacle to achieve a goal."

    In this mid-week bonus episode, Justin digs into our creative motivation. Can we express our creativity and make a living at the same time?

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    Life is better when you make stuff

    The new year is here. How can you make this year better than the last? For Justin the answer is to make 100 things.

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