For digital makers who want to earn a living from the things they create. Indie software developers, designers, writers, entrepreneurs, artists, and other creatives!

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    042 - The struggle is real

    People want to make progress in their lives.

    Every single one of us wants a better life. We’re all striving for more.

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    041 - Addicted to progress

    Everyone dreams of a better life. But how do you achieve it?

    Justin gives some context to the idea of "living the dream."

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    040 - Four years lost & wasted

    Justin sneaks out of the house on a cold, dark autumn night and records an episode.

    Topic: why you should learn from practitioners, not professors.

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    038 - What motivates people to buy?

    Learn how to make things that people actually want. Justin is joined by author Alan Klement to talk about the "Jobs to be Done" framework .

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    034 - Should you start a SaaS company in 2016?

    Startups like Slack, Basecamp, and Freshbooks make millions of dollars in monthly recurring revenue by using a model called Software as a Service (SaaS).

    Should you get into the business?

    This episode isn't just for programmers and startup people! Lots of lessons for makers of all sorts.

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    E033 - Where were you?

    Real life keeps going, even when you're launching something new.

    Listen to the podcast for people who make stuff on the internet and earn their income from the things they create.

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